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Article: The first thoughtfully sustainable concept for umbrellas

Das erste durchdacht nachhaltige Konzept für Regenschirme

The first thoughtfully sustainable concept for umbrellas

The background to our concept

Today we would like to give you an insight into how our concept came about and why we are convinced that it was long overdue.

The umbrella is a product that almost everyone in the world has used and we all have at least one copy at home. For many people, there are significantly more than one, as our 2020 market study showed.

Somehow umbrellas aren't really noticed, but everyone needs them. We know that you can quickly buy an umbrella at the nearest drugstore for little money. Or maybe your employer gave you a shaky, not very trustworthy umbrella with the company logo on it.

Most of the time it happens that you don't have the umbrella with you exactly when you need it. It's tempting to quickly buy an umbrella for a few euros and use it for the moment. Hardly anyone could answer us what happened to this umbrella afterwards, or whether it was used a second time. We carried out spontaneous market studies on the streets of Berlin and Munich and simply asked people about umbrellas.

A problem that goes unnoticed

Well, all of that doesn't sound like a real problem at first. They're just umbrellas. What the hell.

And that's exactly where the problem lies. Every year in Germany alone, millions (!) of umbrellas end up in the trash. You could fill an entire football stadium with umbrellas.

Big problems often exist in places that almost everyone overlooks. But these days we prefer to talk about the trend topics related to sustainability. Electric cars, reducing plastic (until the pandemic came), meat substitutes, and so on. This must not be misunderstood. We think it's great that the above and many other approaches are being pursued.

But the point is simply that a lot of things are overlooked. Problems that have huge impact but don't get enough attention. Here we are again at the umbrellas.

A simple solution

As is often the case, the solution to the underlying problem is much more obvious and simpler than one initially assumes.

We have committed ourselves to the modest mission of helping umbrellas gain more attention again through a well-thought-out and dynamic concept and turning them into sustainable everyday objects that people enjoy using.

Our guess

If a classic everyday object like an umbrella is high-quality, functional and timelessly beautiful, then you can identify with it. You appreciate the product and its function and have it with you or think about it in crucial moments. In this way, an umbrella becomes a long-lasting accessory instead of being a boring, run-of-the-mill disposable product.

Our concept is very simple

We develop and manufacture premium umbrellas and focus on the essentials. This allows us to use only the highest quality components, to balance design and functionality and to ensure that our umbrellas can be repaired in many cases.

Umbrellas that correspond to the spirit of the times and stand for conscious consumption. An umbrella that can be used in a variety of ways thanks to integrated UV protection as standard.

Thanks to the timeless design, the umbrellas never go out of fashion. At the same time, the design is subtle and has almost nothing in common with a conventional umbrella.

Our aim is that you buy an umbrella that will last for many years. They are thoughtfully developed and built to such a high quality that they last without any problems. And if something should break, we will repair the umbrella.

Restrained but determined, we want to find a solution to the many millions of disposable umbrellas. Sustainability starts with the seemingly least important topics.

Together with you we want to initiate the evolution of the umbrella.

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