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Care, Use & Safety

So that your umbrella lasts forever

Care instructions

Before first use

Open the umbrella and leave it overnight. This allows the fabric to smooth out and your new umbrella is ready for use the next day.

Dry your umbrella

You should make sure to dry your umbrella completely after use. The best way to do this is to leave it open. The lotus effect is very effective, but careful drying overnight is important so that the water repellency works perfectly for many years.

Storing your umbrella

When the umbrella is completely dry, it is best to store it in the case provided. This means it is well protected when not in use.

Cleaning your umbrella

Wipe the umbrella from time to time with a damp cloth. If at all necessary, sometimes use a little dishwashing liquid. However, wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient and ensures that the special layer is not damaged.

Care of the frame

The mechanism is designed to work smoothly countless times. You should wipe the shaft every now and then and, if necessary, spray it with a little natural oil or, for example, bicycle oil.

Care of the fabric

It's worth straightening your umbrella every now and then with a steamer or steam iron. To do this, simply open it and use the hot steam to get the material really smooth again.

It definitely makes sense to leave the umbrella open for a longer period of time from time to time. This means fewer wrinkles form.

Instructions for use

Our umbrellas are thought through to the last detail and nothing was left to chance.

They are very robust and a few special features we would like to explain to you for an optimal use.

If the automatic on or the button should hang once, it is usually sufficient if you press the folded and tied umbrella vigorously towards the handle. This clears the jamming in 99% of cases.

The mechanism sometimes requires some force due to the extra strong spring. This is simply because the spring should still be in service after years of use. Quality over quantity.

The umbrellas are winder-proof and have the flip-over effect. However, please make sure not to use the umbrella unnecessarily in strong winds. It is also important to hold the umbrella with the outside towards the wind, otherwise it will keep folding.

Our umbrellas are guaranteed to accompany you in wind and weather.

Check for damage
Check the umbrella for damage before opening.
If you find any damage, please open the umbrella
Not and contact us at

Shake lightly before opening
Shake the pocket umbrella before opening so that the
Can expose struts. Now you can your umbrella
Easier to open.

Pay attention to the environment
Open the umbrella with enough space around you and never
In the direction of another person in the immediate vicinity. At the
Tightening up can easily hurt other people.
At best, umbrellas should only be outside with enough space
Be opened.

Not suitable for use by children
Don't let children play with the umbrella, because they and
Others could easily hurt when opening and closing.

Closing the umbrella
After use, the screen can be pushed together,
By pushing the crown towards the handle from above until the
Umbrella snaps.

Secure with the locking band
After use, close your umbrella with the
Closing tape to avoid accidental opening.


Please read these instructions before using the folding umbrella.
This will help you avoid injury or damage to yourself or
other people.

1 Unpacking

Packaging material is not a toy
After unpacking, dispose of plastic bags and other
Packaging material professionally. Children in particular can
They often do not assess dangers correctly and injure themselves easily.

Keep instructions
These instructions come with the umbrella. Keep them,
so that you or other persons have access to the information on security
and operation.
Missing information can lead to accidents.

Intended Use
The umbrella is primarily designed to protect against precipitation.
No other use is intended. A use for
other purposes may result in injury.

2 Open

Check for damage
Check the umbrella for damage before opening.
If you notice any damage, open the
No umbrella.
A damaged umbrella can cause injury when opening
get hurt.

Not suitable for use by children
Do not let children play with the umbrella as they
and could easily injure others when opening and closing.

Pay attention to your surroundings
Be aware of your surroundings when opening. When opening the
umbrella you need free space around you. Open
Do not point the umbrella towards another person in the immediate vicinity
Umgebung. You, other people, or animals can
Can be easily injured when clamping.

3 Close

Secure the umbrella with the fastening strap
After closing the umbrella, secure it with the
Schließband. This will prevent accidental opening of the
Regenschirms. An umbrella that opens unexpectedly can lead to
cause injuries.

4 Storage

Choose a safe storage location
Choose a safe place for storage where children
have no access. By playing with the umbrella,
injure people.

5 Disposal

Do not dismantle umbrella
Do not disassemble the umbrella before disposal.
You can injure yourself on sharp edges or pointed parts.

Proper disposal
Dispose of your umbrella in the residual waste and inquire
You are informed about the regulations in force at the time of disposal.
regulations in your place of residence.

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