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Article: How do you properly care for umbrellas?

Wie pflegt man Regenschirme richtig?

How do you properly care for umbrellas?

We are increasingly asked how to properly care for umbrellas. What can you do to ensure that a quality umbrella lasts as long as possible?

Basically, caring for umbrellas is very simple and easy to implement. That's why we've summarized the most important points in this article.

Caring for umbrellas properly

Before first use

We always recommend opening the umbrella before using it for the first time and leaving it overnight or ideally for 24 hours. This will allow the fabric to straighten and wrinkles should disappear. The umbrella is then ready for use and no further preparation is necessary.

We also recommend repeating the described process from time to time (2-3 times a year, for example). This means that wrinkles don't stand a chance and it doesn't hinder the functionality of the umbrella.

Always dry the umbrella completely

You should always make sure to dry an umbrella completely after using it. Slow drying overnight is the motto here. The best way to dry is to simply leave the umbrella open.

The umbrellas from Sapor Design are equipped with our special lotus effect . But this works especially in the short term and when things have to happen quickly. Even with the lotus effect, complete drying is essential and absolutely necessary for the durability of an umbrella.

In addition, drying our umbrellas regularly ensures that the water-repellent layer remains particularly effective. Even after years of use.

Proper storage of umbrellas

When the umbrella is completely dry, it is best stored in the case provided. This means it is optimally protected when not in use. For example, no dust gets on the umbrella and it doesn't take up much space.

At Sapor, we attach great importance to the appearance of umbrellas. Therefore, we recommend folding the umbrella neatly before storing it. This is actually very easy and only requires a little attention for 2.3 minutes.

On the one hand, the umbrella does not wrinkle and, on the other hand, careful handling of the product also contributes to its longer lifespan.

Clean umbrellas properly

From time to time you should wipe the umbrella with a damp cloth. You should not use strong cleaning agents or the like, but rather a little dishwashing liquid or gentle cleaning products. As a rule, wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient and also ensures that the special protective layer is not damaged.

How to care for the frame

The mechanism is designed to work smoothly countless times. Nevertheless, you should wipe the shaft every now and then and, if necessary, spray it with a little natural oil or products such as bicycle oil.

Proper care of the fabric

It is worth occasionally straightening a high-quality umbrella with a steamer or steam iron. To do this, you simply open it and use the hot steam to properly smooth the material again.

As already mentioned, it makes sense to leave the umbrella open for a longer period of time from time to time. This means that fewer wrinkles form and the fabric maintains its beautiful shape and high quality.

Overall, it can be said that caring for an umbrella doesn't take much time. It makes sense and is absolutely recommended to handle the item sensibly. Then nothing stands in the way of long-term use in wind and weather.

If you have any questions or suggestions on the topic, we welcome comments or emails. If there are any special instructions for caring for umbrellas that we have not listed, we would be happy to hear about them.

If you would like to find out more about what makes Sapor umbrellas so special, you can find out more here .

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