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Article: The evolution of the umbrella

Regenschirme neu definiert. Die Evolution des Schirms von Sapor Design.

The evolution of the umbrella

Our umbrellas open a new chapter in their product category. It was really high time for that. We worked for almost two years to develop the perfect umbrella. A year after the start of sales, we have sold over 10,000 folding umbrellas and can say with conviction: the effort was worth it.

From the beginning, we approached the umbrella product in a very unconventional way. By chance we were talking about the fact that today's umbrellas no longer embody any aesthetics and are often cheap, disposable products. Of course, you could find chic designs from big fashion brands for a lot of money. But it was always just about looks and the umbrellas didn't get any special attention. Just as luxury brands stock wallets and phone cases, they also always sell a decent-looking umbrella for a high price.

There were only a few companies that specialized entirely in umbrellas. In Germany there are mainly two brands that are combined under one company. The umbrellas are still familiar from the past, but you don't get the feeling that umbrellas are being consistently developed and adapted to today's circumstances. For consumers, this meant the following: Either you buy a very expensive designer umbrella from a company that does not specialize in umbrellas. Or you buy umbrellas in the higher price segment from a company that specializes in the product but doesn't really develop it further and sees aesthetics and design as secondary.

And that's exactly where Sapor Design comes into play. Our vision is to develop high-quality umbrellas that consistently combine functionality and design. The result is stormproof umbrellas with particular stability, with well thought-out UV protection and a look that is timelessly beautiful.

Our focus is on developing and manufacturing the best umbrellas. From our industry-leading pocket umbrellas to other types of umbrellas such as stick umbrellas and golf umbrellas. We would like to help the umbrella achieve a new renaissance and give it back its deserved place as a companion. Umbrellas used to be high-quality and elaborate accessories that were also used to complete the outfits of their owners. Today, 1 billion umbrellas end up in the trash every year worldwide and pollute our environment.

With an umbrella from Sapor Design you set an example for conscious consumption and have the guarantee of owning an umbrella for many years. The UV protection ensures that you have a high-quality parasol to hand even in summer. Since each umbrella is equipped with 10 struts, they are extremely robust and guaranteed to be windproof and stormproof. The carefully selected colors make our umbrellas elegant accessories for men and women. Thanks to the subtle design, the pocket umbrellas can be used for many different occasions. Whether at a wedding, as a couple's umbrella for 2 people, while golfing, traveling or simply as an appreciative gift for friends.

True to our motto “The only umbrella you will ever need”, we want to offer long-lasting everyday companions that never go out of style. The time is ripe for a modern, sustainable umbrella. Developed and designed by a committed start-up from Germany.

Umbrellas redefined. Unrivaled down to the smallest detail.

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