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Das erste durchdacht nachhaltige Konzept für Regenschirme

The first thoughtfully sustainable concept for umbrellas

The background to our concept Today we would like to give you an insight into how our concept came about and why we are convinced that it was long overdue. The umbrella is a product that almos...

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Eine kurze Geschichte des Regenschirms

A Brief History of the Umbrella

Strictly speaking, the history of the umbrella begins with the history of the parasol. The first parasols were discovered in ancient depictions from China, some of which are up to 4,000 years old. ...

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Wie pflegt man Regenschirme richtig?

How do you properly care for umbrellas?

We are increasingly asked how to properly care for umbrellas. What can you do to ensure that a quality umbrella lasts as long as possible? Basically, caring for umbrellas is very simple and easy...

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Regenschirme neu definiert. Die Evolution des Schirms von Sapor Design.

The evolution of the umbrella

In this post we present why it is time to usher in a new era of umbrellas. We have developed an umbrella that combines quality, functionality and aesthetics. Our folding umbrellas are industry lead...

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