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Umbrella trio

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If you oder 2 or more of our umbrellas we would like to show our appreciation and gratitude. Because we also save shipping and packaging costs.

Therefore, you will receive a 20% discount from us on your second screen.

Premium scaffolding

Flexible struts

Our umbrellas keep their promises. We have analyzed the sources of errors in umbrellas and systematically corrected them. Nothing is left to chance and every component serves an important purpose. Many small details make our umbrellas exceptional.

The differences lie in the details.

Well thought out from start to finish

Compare our umbrellas with conventional umbrellas and you will notice the many differences.

We develop a well thought-out collection of premium umbrellas. Down to the smallest detail.

Just as an umbrella should be

Unique lotus effect.

Water beads off noticeably better than with conventional umbrellas.

Dry again in no time.

A very simple vision


We tackle a completely avoidable problem. Quality umbrellas that will last for many years without any problems. It's that simple.

Perfect for every situation.

Big enough for 2 people.

Our pocket umbrella is the perfect size for one or two people. The stick umbrella is even more comfortable for longer walks!

Flexible and robust


If the umbrella should turn over during a strong storm, it will not break like conventional umbrellas.

Extra flexible struts made of high quality fiberglass.

Simply press the button in the flip-over position and it will fold up as usual.


The evolution of the umbrella

We bring the umbrella into the modern age.

We have worked hard for over 2 years to design umbrellas that will leave everyone else out in the rain.